Professional Planning is the  performance, administration, or  consultation  of professional work in the development of master plans and other services to guide governmental policy for the assurance of coordinated development of municipal, county, regional, and metropolitan lands.

Berman & Wright understands and utilizes the practical application and regulations of land use laws to ensure proper safety, public welfare, environmental quality and conservation, and space allocations.  By ensuring that developed lands are safe from fire, flood, and other natural disasters, Land Use Law promotes the general welfare of communities, establishes appropriate population densities and transportation routes, as well as the diversity of agricultural, residential, recreation, commercial, and industrial areas.

As professional planners, our experience and knowledge of Land Use Law comes from licensure, active participation, and serving as consultants to local planning and zoning boards.  It is our goal to create practical and visually pleasing environments through our creative designs and practical development techniques.