Forensic Architecture

Berman & Wright provides forensic evaluation, along with expert witness and professional testimony for liability cases related to design, construction, and maintenance deficiencies. Our forensic architecture and engineering services center on the professional analysis of buildings, spaces, and other built environments.  We examine design, code, assembly, or material deficiencies, with results to be used in a court of law or similar forums.

Applying our extensive experience and expertise, Berman & Wright focuses on structural deterioration, failures, negligence, injuries, and or compliance issues. Our own architectural designs include projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollars. This enables us to examine issues in relation to the original design and construction documents, contract administration and observations, laws, codes, life-safety issues, and industry and professional standards.

Our comprehensive Forensic Architectural evaluations provide our clients’ attorneys with better knowledge of the specific causes, range, and magnitude of building issues, the responsibilities and evolution for the problems, and clearer insight on the direction and limitations of corrective actions required to repair, and restore, the existing buildings.