• Investigate

    “…examine study, search or inquire systematically, into something hidden, unique, or complex…”

  • Present

    “…organize visual details to create an overall impression; report with illustrative material, slides, and graphs, performance or representation of the results…”

  • Report

    “... make evident or establish by arguments or reasoning; prove: describe, explain, or illustrate by exhibit, example, specimens, or experiments…”

  • Testify

    “... declare, profess, or acknowledge openly, bear witness and give evidence, affirm as fact or truth; under solemn affirmation...”

  • Design

    “…plan the form and structure of a work for a definite purpose, to be executed artistically or skillfully...”

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BERMAN & WRIGHT is focused on ensuring that buildings and facilities are built correctly to properly perform and endure over time.

We have a 40-year heritage of delivering solutions to help mitigate building issues, providing excellent service, technical advice, and results.  We show our clients how their projects can be successful, how their problems can be resolved, and how their own visions can become a reality.

Key Services

  • Architecture

    Berman & Wright’s core disciplines provide a wide range...
  • Engineering

    Berman & Wright’s engineering services focus on analyses and...
  • Planning

    Professional Planning is the  performance, administration, or  consultation  of...
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