Building Diagnostics

Buildings are designed and constructed for many parameters, including constant exposure to the weather. However, buildings often do not perform as anticipated and construction or design deficiencies can lead to failure of building components, systems, or intended use.  These problems may reduce the functional performance of the building, cause damage to its features, or create hazardous conditions that could culminate in structural failures or unhealthy environments.

These deficiencies are often present, yet the problem is not immediately identifiable. Berman & Wright has extensive experience in the diagnostic analysis of building problems. Our services support all phases from defining the problems through managing the necessary repairs.

We use the following methodology, proven to get to the core of the issue, the cause, and the responsibility for the problems:

Define the Problem

  • Analyze project documents and building codes
  • Determine building problems through construction field investigations and documentation

Define the Corrections

  • Determine the scope of repairs necessary
  • Coordinate repair needs with design professionals for development of repair design and details
  • Estimate cost of repairs

Implement Repairs

  • Assist in contractor’s procurement
  • Provide Project Management services

We can assist in resolving the building defect disputes through negotiations with involved parties. If necessary, Berman & Wright also provides litigation support through expert testimony.