Dominion Reserve Gatehouse

Client: Dominion Reserve Gatehouse

Location: McLean, Virginia

Project: Roof, Cladding and Granite Paver Repairs


In 2016, Berman & Wright conducted building diagnostic investigations to determine the existing construction, methods, and materials,  of the Gatehouse, and developed a report of findings, conclusions, and recommendations for further action.  The gatehouse, clad with slate roof tiles, manufactured stone,  concrete veneer, and an exterior insulation and finishing system installed to replicate the look of traditional stucco, needed to be repaired due to moisture leaks to the interior of the buildings and cracking of the façade.  Additionally, granite pavers in the driveway needed to be reset or replaced, and new edging materials needed to be installed.

Berman & Wright developed a set of repair specifications, which included an invitation to bid and instructions to bidders, information regarding materials and installation practices, demolition and alteration work, traffic and pedestrian protections during construction, and warranties.