Professional consulting services provided by Berman & Wright contribute to a $1.5 Million flood zone construction settlement

November 11, 2013

In November 2013, an expert report created by Berman & Wright Architecture, Engineering & Planning LLC contributed to a recent $1.5 million settlement in a New Jersey construction litigation matter

Berman & Wright was retained by the homeowner of a newly constructed five-story (including basement) townhome located in Jersey City, New Jersey, to evaluate the location and proper limitations of the home in relation to current and historical flood zones

Berman & Wright’s services included research of historical building codes and FEMA flood maps, and the review of information provided by the City of Jersey City on the design and development of the community, to determine if the new townhome was properly constructed in a flood zone.  Berman & Wright concluded that location of the townhome was within an “A” zone; an area designated by FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (“FIRM”) to be a special flood hazard area. Jersey City Municipal Codes and the New Jersey State Building Code, at the time of planning and construction of the townhome, did not allow buildings with basements to be constructed below the design flood elevation assigned by the FIRM map; however, the basement floor of the townhome had been constructed approximately five (5) feet below the design flood elevation.

Berman & Wright’s expert opinion was clearly articulated in a cohesive report which included flood maps and supporting documentation.

Berman & Wright has provided consulting services regarding flood zone issues throughout the United States, including New Jersey, South Carolina, and Mississippi.    Through Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”)  training and continuing educational seminars, Berman & Wright’s employees are fully knowledgeable regarding flood zone design and construction in relation to local, state and national rules and regulations.


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