Berman & Wright brings a thoroughness, competence, and expertise well exceeding what you normally would come to expect in this industry. Their competence, cooperation, and project oversight management is unrivaled.

Paul Rickman, President, Tech Electric Corps – Electrical Contractors

I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I’ve never seen architects with the degree of forensic expertise as Berman & Wright. Their reports are without contest in the industry. The level of due diligence and attention to detail that they bring to an assignment is unsurpassed. Berman & Wright has a unique ability to look at an issue a number of different ways and provide “client value engineering.”

Thomas Vincent Giaimo, Esq. – Attorney at Law

Berman & Wright consists of top-notch professionals with unique expertise and are a pleasure to work with. We especially enjoy working with Berman & Wright because they take a holistic, forward-thinking approach as they recognize everything that will need to be addressed and accomplished.

Sal Caso, President, UBE – Property Management

[...] Toni is doing an amazing job with the matter under very difficult circumstances. She was a tremendous advocate at the pre-mediation and mediation and came across incredibly. The client is very happy with her, so am I, so is the opposition. She’s been able to increase the coverage and [make] a much easier coverage fight for me.

Joseph D. Jean, Esq. - Attorney at Law

The Court is satisfied, [...] very complete proofs, very well prepared, very well qualified experts in the fields of construction as to Mr. Berman as an architect in the field of not only developing residential buildings, hi-rise residential building, which this building in question would be considered, but also as an architect appointed for investigations of issues that have arisen such as this that deal with construction deficiencies [...] I found Mr. Berman to be well qualified to speak to the issues.

Park City Grand Condominium Association, Inc. v 109 44TH Street, LLC

I found your report to be superbly detailed, thorough, and exceptionally well-written and I hope that as we proceed with building repairs, that I can call upon your firm in the event we need further assistance.

John W. Jengo, PG, LSRP

Mark Berman & Ron Mueller wrote brilliant expert reports. I believe the insurance company settled with my client for very close to full value because [Berman & Wright] were our expert engineers & architects.

Eric Ludwig, Esq.